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Male Body Language For Attraction - The Proper Way To Present Yourself
Male Body Language For Attraction - The Proper Way To Present Yourself
You don't have to look like Channing Tatum, have a phd in quantum mechanics, drive an AMG Mercedez, or be 007 to be attractive to women. You need to possess something that is far more important than any of those things. Something that is always with you and always projecting signals that are imperative for a romantic encounter with a woman: The right body language of attraction.

With the right body language, when you enter a room, you will signal the "I'm a man, I'm alpha, I'm available, and I know what I'm doing" vibe to every woman there. And when you have your target in your sights, you can quickly and easily communicate: "I'm interested in you, you attract me, and I want to get to know you better.".

Women pick up on the subtle signals men put out.

Yes they do! And what's more, based on these subtle signals, they'll instantly judge if you're a potential mate or some chump primate. So it's time you learned how best to use this to your advantage. And the best way to take advantage of this is to learn how to use your body. This is something everyone can learn how to do, and can help give you an advantage over guys who are better looking with bigger biceps and a flashier car!

Your appearance is part of your body language.

Not the appearance you're born with but the way you shape how you look. It is through how you arrange your appearance that you transmit your masculinity to women. When you see a beautiful woman with an average or below average guy, and you ask her why she finds him attractive, she may say something like: "I don't know. It's just something about him that he has ... like an energy or an aura."

Actually, it's nothing of the sort. In part, it's how a man dresses that communicates certain things to a woman: the type of shirt you wear, the pants you put on, the jackets and ties you put on, your hairstyle, the way you shape your facial hair if you have any, the length of your sideburns, your tan, the whiteness of your teeth-- all these factors contribute to the immediate image people get of you when they first see you. But even more important than these things is how you move and carry yourself.

How to move like you're an Alpha.

Move with grace when you move. I'm not talking about a sissy ballerina type of grace here, but rather an "arrogant" sort of grace that will garner attention. In fact, arrogant grace can be directly translated into "macho swagger."

Think of the way Diesel, Willis, and Pitt walk, and you'll get an idea of what this is. It's standing straight with shoulders slightly back and moving with an easy confidence that's sure to get people's attention.

What the heck do I do with these non alpha male hands?

What you shouldn't do is to keep them in your pockets. When you put your hands in your pockets, it seems like you're hiding something. By the same token, don't cross your arms. Crossed arms make you look guarded and stand-offish.

If you absolutely must put your dirty little paws inside your dirty little pockets, make sure to keep you thumbs outside and hooked on the outside of your pockets.

The thumb symbolizes power and displaying the thumb for all to see is a sign of confidence. NEVER HIDE YOUR THUMBS, especially from pretty women!

Genital Framing

If you're looking for something to occupy your hands, lock your thumbs in your belt above your pant pockets, with your fingers pointing down to your crotch. If you lean up against a wall or a bar, thrust your hips forward slightly (remember to be subtle!). This is a stance meant to communicate male sexuality.

"Pointing to (framing) your crotch" is what is known as genital framing, as made famous by the legendary James Dean. This is a symbol of male virility and power. How many times have you seen this type of pose on TV or in the movies? Not by the sissy hero, of course, but by the bad boys that women so often swoon over.

When the bad boys do it, it signals to everyone that: "I'm a threat. I am a dangerous man for a woman to want to be with. I am a man and I make no apologies for what I want!".

On a smaller scale, this is exactly what you are communicating as well. But in the bigger picture, your goal should be to cultivate an aura of masculinity that will fascinate the available women around you.

How to lounge like a Boss

First and Foremost, don't be afraid to take up space, especially if you are in a crowded area. You should always communicate your boss status in how you stand and how you sit. Stand straight up, shoulders back, legs shoulder-length apart, and hold your ground.

Don't let others crowd you. Too often, men will shrink their personal bubble in crowded areas so as not to touch others. Do not do this. Make physical contact with those around you and take up space. This communicates a type of dominance to others, when they see others giving you the space you want.

When you sit, lounge. Be comfortable. Sling your arm around the back of the chair. Expose your crotch. Lean back. Show you're at home with where you are.

Are you an Alpha or an Extra ?

You can immediately tell who's the alphas and who's the extras. The alphas, through their body language, emit some sort of confident gamma ray that women will pick up on and become subconsciously attracted to. This type of "alpha male ray" can be learned and with practice, mastered.

If you want to attract the kind of women that you know you deserve, you MUST master the body language of attraction. Or you can always be an extra and help the alphas to stand out even more.

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