Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Botox Sprinkles to Calm the Nerves
Botox Sprinkles to Calm the Nerves
Each And Every Female inside the site was unable to function. It didn't please their line supervisor who complained to the men in the office. He wanted them to get the ladies to work. Absolutely no way would he attempt this himself. Everyone else in the office knew that thoughts of a possible date with a sexy, male, superstar was going to be on their minds right up until the results were announced. The one thing being decided was which one of the team was going on this date.

When they had entered as a team they had each put words into the competition question. This being what part of the night out will mean one of the most for them. They decided it would be the memory from it that they would even tell with their little ones. None of them had little ones apart from the oldest woman, who had two, one of each.

They decided to pull the winning name from a cap. What they are called were all written on small bits of card. A bare container was discovered in place ofa cap. The individual to pull out the name was to be the office boy who blushed when he was called over. They made him shake the box well before choosing the name. As he was ready they all kept their breath. But the divorcee prayed she would not win.

She'd never imagined until today that she might satisfya celebrity and was way too self-conscious to think she could. Even if she could borrow a decent dress she would'nt know what to talk to him about. I would be a huge disappointment for him, she believed. She knew one of the others would sit along with her children if she went but she knew she wouldn't go even if she was chosen. The young man pulled out her name and then she leaped sobbing into the washroom.

She was soon telling a couple of the others who had followed her that no famous pop singer would want to be observed with an aged woman like her. Laughing, her friends pulled her in front of a long mirror where they made her take a look at herself. You're wonderful they said, long thighs, beautiful hair and eyes to die for. What man would not love you? She looked abashed and then said but all these tiny facial lines, they really show my age. And mine girl, laughed her pal, which is why I'm going to introduce you to Botox Sprinkles. Then let me hear you say your're not beautiful enough for that man!

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