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How To Pick up Girls - The Go First Technique
How To Pick up Girls - The Go First Technique
Seducing women and making her fall in love with you is quite a challenge and a skill that is the desire many men. It is so easy for a beautiful woman to seduce a man. All she has to do is look at you a specific way and you're ground beef all set to be made into hamburger in her soft hands. That isn't fair! It is time men unleash their inner Catrinel Menghia and learn ways to seduce women with the Go First Principle!

Ways to seduce women with the Go First Principle

One of the most powerful concept on ways to seduce women is the Go First Concept. It is a concept from the psychological and hypnosis fields.

Essentially, this principle says that the simplest way to make someone do something is to do it first yourself. Similarly, if you wish someone to enter a specific emotional state, you must enter into that state yourself and they will follow you.

This concept can be easily observed in our everyday lives. We normally tend to share other people's emotions, especially if they are close to us. This is the primary reason most of us prefer to be with fun, lively, and positive people and stay away from negative or miserable ones. Emotions are contagious and naturally we all only want to experience positive emotions.

We can utilize the power of the Go First Concept to our advantage, especially when it concerns seducing women and keeping a relationship fresh and exciting.

First off, the conditions before you apply this powerful concept

In order to completely use the power of the Go First concept, you need to satisfy a condition: your emotions must be stronger than the other person. Because the stronger the emotion is, the more likely it is to subdue or affect all other emotions.

For example, let's say you have a strong emotion of pleasure because you have just bought a new car. You meet your buddy and you tell him about your glossy new ride. However, your friend is feeling miserable because his football team just lost the finals.

Nonetheless, because of your strong excitement, he will all of a sudden feel thrilled as well and be happy for you. However, if his emotion is stronger, you might possibly get discouraged and forget about your new car. In the end, it all comes down to which person has the stronger personality or is able to show stronger emotions.

Control your emotions!

When it concerns seduction, the Go First Principle applies very similarly. Let's suppose you go on a date with a beautiful woman and you are extremely nervous. A couple of minutes in your company and the girl you are dating may feel nervous and awkward as well because of the Go First Principle.

She doesn't comprehend why she feels this way but something about you makes her feel unrelaxed. So she goes to the restroom then out the door and out of your awkward little life.

However, you can turn this depressing circumstance around if you just learn to manage your emotions. In order to be able to apply the Go First Concept, you must first understand ways to manage your emotions.

The secret to managing your emotions is to RELAX! I know, it is extremely difficult relaxing in the presence of a beautiful woman. But she is just as nervous as you are and even a bit scared because she's in the presence of a total stranger - you! So it's your duty to make her feel relaxed and comfortable.

So how do I make her feel relaxed and comfortable? The Go First Concept in action!

You go on a date with a beautiful woman and you are relaxed, calm, and confident. For some reason, she feels calm and relaxed and feels like she's known you for a while. You display body language that is relaxed and confident. You give her an easy smile, make jokes and tease her. She smiles back, return your jokes and is relaxed and comfortable.

Then you make an emotional connection by leading the conversation to intimate topics. You share personal stories and experiences first and she feels comfortable opening up to you ...

Guide the interaction into one of comfort, relaxation, and intimacy. By confidently Going First, you'll make it easy and natural for her to follow where you lead her. Select the type of emotional interaction you wish and move in that direction by applying the Go First Concept!

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