Friday, December 12, 2014

Drilling Locks: Is it Really Needed? Call your local locksmtih in tucson
Drilling Locks: Is it Really Needed? Call your local locksmtih in tucson
So many locksmith scams involve the “technicians” arriving and barely looking at the lock before saying “we need to drill this.” It’s a quick process so some customers don’t think much of it, assuming the lock really is complicated or that drilling is the easiest and cheapest option. What some customers don’t realize is this: skilled and licensed locksmiths rarely need to resort to drilling. This isn’t to say all locksmiths who claim they need to drill a lock are scammers, but most locksmiths will try other methods first.

As we’ve discussed in previous weeks, locksmith scammers are awful and it’s easy to fall victim to these schemes. Low advertised or quotes prices can lead to the “real” costs being 10 or more times the quoted price once the supposed technician has assessed the need for drilling the lock. Often times, other warning signs of fraud are present, but some unlucky citizens don’t know the warning signs or they feel so helpless and feel pressured to continue with the transaction anyway. Parents, students, grandparents, really anyone can fall victim of these crimes but if you catch the signs early enough, you will not be out hundreds of dollars for a service which should cost a fraction of that cost.

If you’ve heard the locksmith say “we need to drill,” it may mean fraud, but sometimes it is a legitimate solution to the problem. Locks which cannot be picked in a reasonable amount of time or which have very specialized methods of picking or bypassing may need to be drilled. This is done by using strategic drill points to reduce damage to the hardware and locks, but even the best equipment and training may require the replacement or repair of parts. However, unlike the woman in this story, replacement locks are usually of high quality and security—at least comparable to the old lock. It will add to the cost of the visit or may need to be done on a separate visit, but the equipment should be of a high quality.

Picking locks is often the first (and only) method locksmiths use for lockout situations. Some locks are more difficult to pick if there is a set of specialized top pins, but most locksmiths can obtain special picks but sometimes the lock is beyond the viable means for even the best locksmiths. An alternative to picking (or drilling) is bypassing a lock. This is difficult for even skilled locksmiths, so obtaining this service may be rare.

If a locksmith says he needs to drill the lock, obtain a written quote (signed, preferably) before allowing the work to begin. This may scare off dishonest locksmiths but more importantly, it allows you, the customer, one last chance to deny the service to continue. If you feel threatened or scared, call the authorities. There is no reason you should pay $300 for a simple lockout just because the sleaze ball wants some quick money. The proper drilling equipment can be costly so there’s a fair chance these men are expert swindlers, so be careful.

To reduce the risk of ever working with a scamming locksmith, keep Anytime Locksmith’s number handy and tell your friends and family about our trustworthy and reliable services.

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