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How to know if someone is on steroids
How to know if someone is on steroids

How to know if someone is on steroids

Steroids are the synthetically formed testosterone hormones that are taken either by mouth or by injections.  In both the forms, they develop some of the male characteristics and eliminate some others. At one side, they help in improving muscles and enhancing strength and at the other side, they become the cause of many undesired effects. You can easily detect a man who is taking steroids in a crowd only because of his abnormal physique and strange psychological features. Steroids have their own limitations and they cannot be a substitute for natural hormones.

Normally people, especially sportsmen, take these drugs to enhance their ability to play hard and they also want to improve their muscles. But in this whole process, they forget that their bodies have some genetically developed limitations, and they cannot be overcome by artificial means. When they take steroids to improve their muscles; their muscles take abnormal shape and they look monsters. There are a number of indications that make a man suspect about the usage of steroids.

When you see a man with higher powers than normal you can say it with confidence that the person is on steroids. For example, when you see a man lifting many times more weight than a normal and average man can lift; or you see a rapid increase in muscle mass of a man and within days he gains more than average weight; or you see that someone is losing fats very rapidly; all these things indicate that the man is using steroids in any of their form.

You may have seen a number of bodybuilders and athletes who have outsized muscles around their shoulders girdle the lats, trapezius, pectorals and deltoids that are unnatural and can be gained only with the help of steroids. You can ask them the reason about their excessive muscles mass; they will contribute it to their excessive exercise and diet and will never accept that they are using steroids. But when they are tested, the results come in positive.

      Besides the huge muscles, the smooth and veiny look cannot be attained without any help. Likewise, there are many other skin indicators that suggest that the person is on juice. For example, acne, especially on the back of steroid users, is a clear clue of its use. Doctors, who have been dealing with steroid users, have powers to know that someone is using steroids or has just stopped the cycle. Development of breast tissues in men is another important and visual indicator of steroid’s use. Normally people who take drugs have bald head and deep voice. They usually experience hunger and fatigue in their normal routine.

 Beside all these visual physical indications, there are a large number of psychological and behavioral aspects that indicate a person is on steroids. Depression and aggression are two main features that are found in almost all the users of steroids. Their desire to show their power kills them. Their anger is obvious in their behavior with mood swing element that makes their behavior too abnormal to believe. They show disrespect and irritability in their daily routine and make them suspicious.

 The suspicious behavior and the remains of disposed off packages and containers, found in the bathrooms and bedrooms can indicate that the person is using steroids. If you find someone who is indulged in the dangerous habit of taking steroids, you should at once contact local Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council to save his life and to avoid the harmful effects of drugs.

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