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Steroids Laws
Steroids Laws

Steroids Laws

Since 1990, anabolic steroids are being considered as Schedule III drugs and their possession is a punishable crime in many countries of the world. Because of this, the usage of steroids has become illegal and their accessibility has become a problem for many users. Now they have to find hidden means to buy them which, in its turn, are again illegal and cause many hurdles. This entire unpleasant situation is only because of excessive use of these drugs, rather I must say that the misuse of these drugs has made them a horror for a common man. Steroids that had been used under the supervision of doctors for treating many illnesses, have now become the symbol of serious health problems.

There are basically two schools of thought in the matter of effectiveness of steroids. One group believes that steroids have many side-effects that are irreversible so they should be avoided completely. The other group argues that steroids have many positive effects also and if they are used properly and under the instructions of professional doctors and trainers, they can be very helpful for mankind. They have the soothing power that can be used as anti-inflammatory drugs and heal many illnesses. They think that anabolic steroids can be used safely if people are properly educated and guided. So there should not be complete ban on these drugs.

Steroids laws are different in all over the world and they vary from country to country. Even in United States (where the laws related to steroids are strictest), different states have different laws. We can never say that anabolic steroids are illegal in America, they are controlled drugs. There is great difference between controlled drugs and illegal drugs. Controlled drugs have never been illegal if they have a prescription, so there is no penalty for the possession of such type of drugs. If you have a valid prescription, you are legally permitted to have this drug.

Now the question raises that from where you can get this prescription? The answer is quite simple. If you have a valid medical reason in which doctors prescribe you these drugs, they will give you prescription. By showing this prescription, you can get these drugs and nobody will look at you suspiciously. The problem arises when someone uses these drugs by his own and thinks that the personal use of these drugs is not illegal (they think that only having these drugs for sale’s purpose is illegal). In all over the world and especially in United States, the steroids laws are very clear and straight forward. They pointed out very precisely the reasons for having the prescription of steroids and performance enhancing does not come under this category. So if you are taking these drugs for enhancing your performance, you are not legal to do so.

Steroids laws are very horrifying and if once you are caught red handed, you would have to bear the consequences to a very strong degree. You may have heavy fines, you may have jail time, or you may have both the penalties at the same time. Law is a law and you have to obey it. It is possible that your past record can lead your trial to a lenient end; but it is equally possible that the authorities make you an example for the community. If you are still interested in taking steroids without prescription, you should be ready for consequences. You should take responsibility of your act and be ready to argue with higher authorities. Either you will convince them and turn their views towards positive side and they will allow you to have steroids or they will punish you for your offence.

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