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Height Increase Scams - Magenetism? Hypnotism? Reflexology? Really?

Height Increase Scams - Magenetism? Hypnotism? Reflexology? Really?
When trying to find a cure to help you sort out a health concern or any other sort of concern for that matter, you need to be mindful not to fall prey to the dishonest cons crawling out of the woodwork posing as honest experts. Cons are one of the oldest professions worldwide and con artists over the ages have continued to adapt with the passing of time, regularly reinventing their cons in order to continue to be relevant in modern-day times. Grow taller cons are no different and there are lots of different ones out there capitalizing on your insecurity.

Do some research!

It is very important to do some extensive research first before committing to anything someone is selling because you can end up spending precious money on rubbish. Money losses aside, you could end up injuring yourself employing these fake remedies resulting in permanent damage.

When it pertains to increase height cons, con artists have become quite imaginative, creating simple to intricate strategies that appear quite sensible scientifically but in fact are nothing more than just pure fantasy. Below are just some of the most imaginative ones that many have fallen prey to.


Hypnotism is where you allow someone to bring your mind to a special sort of relaxed state. While in this state you will be prone to what they say. This one is a classic Con. Con artists have sold the illusion to many, many people that they can use hypnotism to influence the mind that you are truly taller. And as a result your mind will cause the needed changes to make you taller.

Hypnotism is aimed at the subconscious mind which is responsible for regulating your emotions thereby influencing your viewpoint on life. The sad fact is though, your mind with just its emotions alone can not influence growth as this is a physiological process, not a psychological one! Hypnotism is better matched to get over habitual troubles like addiction and other psychological troubles.

Magnetic Shoe Inserts

There are some cons that say that magnetic inserts can stimulate height growth. The theory is that these magnetic inserts stimulate particular nerves and organs in your body needed for maximum height growth. They claim to also increase the total body energy through increased blood circulation making you get taller magnetically.

However, as of today, there is no proof that they do result in an increase in height. So far science has only verified that certain forms of magnetic therapy can only offer limited pain relief.


Reflexology is a technique executed by a professional which involves focusing on individual pressure points found on the feet and hands with the purpose of treating particular symptoms. The process begins with the professional putting on pressure to the identified spots on the patient's hands or feet. After a while certain changes will become evident to the professional. They then will continue to focus on these changes till after a period you will be able to feel some improvement. Sessions normally last for about an hour and according to your particular needs, you could require more sessions to attain the desired results.

The technique appears harmless enough, as the worst case scenario is a pleasant foot massage. Still it's prudent counsel to validate that the professional is licensed by the Association of Reflexology. Just bear in mind that there is literally no scientific proof that this sort of treatment will have any benefit towards increasing your height.

There are reflexology inserts available that claim to have the very same benefit as that induced by a reflexology professional. However, claims that these will activate hormones to stimulate height growth are at best uncertain, and at worst, a scummy increase height con.

Herbal Supplements

Taking herbal supplements to get taller is a lot more believable than the others, as it influences the body from within at the cellular level. Organic supplements are available in the market that are geared for height growth claiming that they help stimulate the pituitary gland and so develop the right physiological conditions needed to stimulate height growth.

The fact though is that these herbal supplements does not target height growth as they are made out to be. Rather, they target the total health and immune system. This will eventually help the body perform optimally, including those functions involving height growth. That is if you are still young enough to be growing and your growth plates have not yet closed forever.

As much as we short individuals would like to find a miracle height increase remedy, it is very important to stay grounded and not let yourselves to be driven by your emotions. Proper research and a bit of understanding about how the human body works can be the difference between avoiding some internet grow taller scam artist taking you for a ride or that elusive two inches in extra height.

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